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SQRT Label Applicators

  • Fully-programmable software
  • Can memorized up to 25 different label configurations
  • Adjustable carriage to accommodate a variety of cylindrical container sizes
  • 1-year warranty

The SQRT label applicator is a simple, quick and a reliable labeling machine with enhanced technology. Equipped with a teachable touch-screen interface, SQRT labeling equipment is capable of memorizing up to 25 different label and bottle configurations. With such enhanced technology, the set-up time on the SQRT is easy and moves seamlessly into production.

Label application for the SQRT is easy. Whether applying labels to glass, plastic, acrylic, carton or metal containers, the SQRT can apply your label with incredible accuracy and speed. By having a teachable touch-screen interface, you can program the SQRT to apply single-panel, multi-panel and special shaped labels flawlessly. SQRT labeling equipment comes standard with an adjustable carriage to accommodate bottles sizes that range from 0.5 inch to 7 inch diameter. The SQRT comes standard with an air assist hold down unit for small or light containers.  The air assist hold down unit needs 15-20 PSI for operations.  Never before has so much flexibility, control or portability been packed into a semi-automatic labeler of this nature.

Like all of our table-top label applicators, the SQRT is designed to be mobile and used in packaging facilities with limited space. The enhanced technology of the SQRT allows for accurate, straight and quick label application for increased production.

For more information about the SQRT or any of our labeling equipment, please contact us today.

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