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Label Applicators

Label Applicators

LabelOne Connect’s series of labeling equipment are the ideal labeling solution for applying labels to a variety of packaging containers.  We have label applicators that range from manual operation to fully automatic controls. Our table-top models are perfect for smaller packing companies or smaller packaging run.

Our series of label applicators starts with our Label-Aide label applicator.  The Label-Aide is our manually operated model that applies labels to cylindrical containers. We also have the SHIFT, which is based on the same design as the Label-Aide but with an adjustable carriage to accommodate a wide variety of container sizes. Moving up from our manual models we go to the EVO label applicator.  The EVO is our semi-automatic version of our SHIFT Label Applicator. Our SQRT and VERT label applicators are in a class all their own.  With the ability to program up to 25-different label configurations, the SQRT and VERT label applicators will assist any packaging line with superb precision and speed. 

We manufacture all of our labeling equipment in Portland, OR in our facility.  We take pride in manufacturing durable machines by using top of the line materials that are able to withstand the rigors of the packaging environment. Our team of engineers has researched into building high quality label applicators that are not only fast but are accurate and can be purchased at a reasonable price.

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