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Custom Label Design & Packaging

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As a full-service custom label printer, LabelOne Connect can help you design labels that convey the style you want and the information you need, and develop product packaging workflows that will maximize efficiency at your location.

Custom Label Design

Working with an external team of talented designers, we can bring your design ideas to life. From custom color matching and specialty label materials to embossing, foil stamping, and more, LabelOne Connect will create unique, stylish labels with the aesthetic “punch” to help you stand out from the competition. With our printing capabilities and tricks of the trade, we can deliver the perfect labels for your needs at prices that fit your budget.

If you’ve already developed your label designs, we can help make them even better. To lower costs,  improve printing efficiency, and speed up your labeling processes, there are a number of factors to consider, including label size and shape, bottle size and shape, printing methods and materials used, low cost/high impact substitutions, and more. With our expertise and experience as a cosmetics, food, wine, and beer label designer, we know what works and what doesn’t, and will help you perfect your label designs.

Many industries require specific information on product labels, and that information must be presented in a very specific way. We are familiar with these regulations, and know the ins and outs of printing the necessary info, including the acceptable print size, font styles, color contrasts, and more that your industry demands.

Packaging Workflow Systems

LabelOne Connect can help you develop an efficient, effective product packaging workflow. Based on the size and shape of your labels and bottles, the product you’re packaging, your packaging environment (wet bottles at a brewery, dry bottles for cosmetics, etc.), and other factors, we can determine the fastest and easiest way for you to label your products.

A key consideration for creating an efficient packaging workflow is the labeling equipment used. We design, manufacture, and sell a variety of label applicators, and use our expertise in this area to devise the quickest and most effective way for our customers to label their products, whether they use our equipment or someone else’s.

To do this, we request samples of the customer’s bottles and perform hands-on testing with labels to ensure that everything works in harmony. Sometimes, something as simple as changing the stock on which your labels are printed or changing their placement on the bottle by a fraction of an inch can have a huge effect on the efficiency of your packaging process.

Should labels be applied before or after the bottles are filled? Would slightly taller, thinner bottles make the process easier in the long run? Are waterproof labels a better option for your product? We consider all these factors and more to help create the fastest, most efficient workflow possible for your packaging facility.

Request a quote today on custom designed labels and packaging, or contact LabelOne Connect for more information.